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Over 24 years Ágata has achieved prominence in the Brazilian footwear export market through sales of its domestically made products abroad. Our services have been launching the Brazilian product into the world for all these years, contributing to the country’s economy and development. We are constantly seeking ways to expand our international businesses, resulting in a higher standard of quality to offer to our customers.

With headquarters in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, Ágata was founded in 1994; the company’s objective is to engage global markets for Brazilian footwear exporters.

Over the last 24 years Ágata gained prominence by raising it’s exporting volumes over this period in several regional and overseas markets, such as Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Argentina, France, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Libanon, Nigeria, United States, South Africa, Angola and Japan.

Today, Ágata’s focus is forwarding the products made in the local factories to our international customers that are big shopkeepers and department stores.



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